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How to opt a home regular sports complex

ChildSelection of children's home sports facilities now is vast: metal and wood, attached to a wall or vraspor.Wooden babies's sports facilities more aesthetically pleasing in the nursery, but, unluckily, are less reliable. The complex may be purchased for one newborn, but for a big or a very hospitable family, he will not work - because ofttimes the maximum allowable weightiness of the wooden structures only 60-75 kg. Moreover you are usually attached to the wall, and not between a wood floor and ceiling.Metal children's regular sports equipment, too, are varied. It is correct to pick a non-slip coating steps on a ladder: it is, in contrast to a paint will not scratch the legs and obluplyatsya magnetically gymnasts. If there is space, it is correct to just buy a set up for a whole family to bear the gravity of 100-150 kg.Later all, father, and my mom is also highly beneficial to hang on a bar, and a baby will be much happy of a opportunity to compete with their parents. How many office workers to contour up 10 times? And the children - like! For children is more important to be able to be a 1-st, but do not "play a giveaway" good practice together!If a area in the room a bit, limit a installation of the wall bars with a cross on top of a stairs. Читать полностью -->

Leaving of a child. Vitamins for children with 1 year to 2 years

NewbornThe body wants vitamin babies minerals more than adults, because babies need to grow. For example, for adults, a skeleton of which has yet been formed, a rate required to carry out the work of vitamins D is four minutes lower than for a kids, a body of which has already to cope with this task. Only in a 10-11 years of the wants of kids in vitamin almost cease to differ with adults, and until that time, you will need support.A human body is not able to generate much-needed for it to work vitamin and trace items and should get them with outside. Besides, he may not garner them. The only exceptions are a fat-soluble vitamin A, D, E and B12, but these reserves is enough for 2-6 weeks, and vitamins B12 at all "stored" 4-10 days. What happens if a newborn will not possess enough vitamins? Will hypovitaminosis, which can slow a progression of a small man, and cause it to be stunted. Читать полностью -->

Child maintenance. Increase lactation 3 days

BabyIf you Think about that breast milk is forever becoming less and less, do not hurry up to transfer a child to the adapted formulas. It is better to pick up steps to increase a amount of natural milk.Lactation is cyclical, and every 1.5-TWO weeks a some milk decreases. A first such crisis - the most difficult. When you have over it, nothing may prevent a full feeding a baby. Adjust yourself on breastfeeding duration. Following all, today that you know what a joy!  Child. Читать полностью -->

EARLY BUILDING OF INFANTS - Infants's regular sports complex

ChildIf potential, it is best to install a landline infants's regular sports complex for a physical growth of the newborn.Read moreBabyEarly childhood developmentTo a baby's growthCalendar of baby buildingTests of child development: 1-3 monthsTests of newborn construction: 4-6 weeksTests of baby development: 7-9 weeksTests of a newborn: 10-12 months   Mothers. Similar Newborn leaving.articles:Care of a child. Vitamins for nursingChildAttention of a baby. BreastfeedingBabyChild. Rickets and Vitamin DBaby. . Читать полностью -->

Newborn. EARLY EVOLUTION OF CHILDREN - Kids's regular sports complex

NewbornIf potential, it is good to install a landline babies's sports complex for a bodily construction of a baby.Read moreBabyEarly childhood constructionTo a newborn's buildingCalendar of child growthTests of baby development: 1-3 monthsTests of newborn construction: 4-6 weeksTests of newborn growth: 7-9 monthsTests of a child: 10-12 weeks   Mothers. Resembling Mums.articles:Attention of a baby. Vitamin for kidsChildChild service. GipolaktatsiyaNewbornTeething in childrenBaby. . . Читать полностью -->

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