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Child service. So to collect urine

Child"Squeeze the diaper or nappy"Method well-known but cheesy. In a disposable diaper is used however a filler gel that absorbs moisture, however even if anything can overcome, it will be it. Pressing the diaper also pointless. Urine passed done such a filter is losing some of its properties."Pour out peas"Not the best variant. If you enjoy an aluminum pot, it must be at least seethe earlier harvesting analysis. If the plastic pot, clean out it will not help even a "dressing duckling." A number of leukocytes in a urine collected in a perfectly even washed clean pot, will be higher than rule, and bacterial seeding will not be pleased with the effect."Catch a moment and substitute a jar from the child fresh food"All depends on the tractability of a newborn and moms and dads dexterity. Jar with a lid should be prepared even at night. Wash, rinse with stewing aqua and let very dry. Immediately following waking a newborn want be undercut. A procedure for the collection of urine is conveniently carried out in the bathroom. The noise of running aqua stimulates urination. You can also propose the newborn a drink of clean drinking aqua."Apply the urine collecting device"Of plastic material bags with teardrop-shaped opening with the adhesive at the edges. There is a urine collecting device that can be used to seal up and transport to the laboratory. Gluing a packet to a place cause the newborn, moms and dads can put a diaper on top. The main item to remember to undercut a baby and not stick urine collecting item "for the night."For a night's sleep baby defecate more than once, and in a packet enters a mixing, a effect of analysis which may be at the direction of a hosp.. Lack of urine collecting item - it can come off. Lots of kids iskhitryayutsya pull out a bag of disturbing them.  Baby leaving. Alike articles:Maintenance of a newborn. Timofeev AM Conversations kids's doctorBabyUpkeep of a newborn. Food allergies in kidsBabyBaby maintenance. Vitamin for babiesChild

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