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Baby. In addition to massotherapy child

ChildThese simple steps you wish to perform each time, several times every day.If the kid handles compressed into fists, any day, regardless of the massage, invest in palm crumbs of a finger. Thus, you stimulate the disclosure of her hand. Exercise the fingers, draw a circle on the palm, thumb print out. A more ofttimes you'll do it, a faster your child will rise to a new step in the development - it will be ready to pick up a pen fun.Rub, knead newborn's feet, fingers on the legs. Thus, you are stimulating a set of active points on the foot, and thus activate the work of the variant organs and systems.Knead ears crumbs for 30 seconds any, gently and carefully pull back the ear lobe down 10-15 minutes. All of these actions are aimed at improving the overall immunity.Keep hand and feet toddler to a surfaces of varied texture. Tapping, stroking hand and feet on a hard surface, touch a hot, cool, wet, dry, commenting on their actions. Kid thus receives a huge amount of knowledge for growth.Work out with the child glides up and down, back and forth, in circles. Movements need not be sharp and tight! This guy is more useful, however it is mild vestibular stimulation has beneficial effects on brain development.Carry a baby around a home, telling what colors surround him, what smells, what subjects.   Similar posts:Moms. Education by a method ZaitsevaNewbornChild care. Dining nursing mumsChildThin hair loss later giving birthdayChild

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