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Child. Can nursing mothers eat melon

NewbornMay I fresh-feeding mum melon - a problem many women possess not yet experienced a happiness of motherhood seem strange. It is no secret that during childbearing almost any young woman gynecologist advises however to eat, what items are preferred. Most ofttimes, the next mothers hear with doctors that it is impossible to drink much of fluids to prevent edema, eat more fresh vegetables to give the baby a full range of vitamins. And any woman 18 years old come to mind a thought that at the present time, of the giving birth, finally, It is possible to not limit yourself to eating for fear of swelling or extra pounds.But there it was! Later a exterior of the child is born, you want to control a diet more strictly, as a lot of foods eaten by the mum, may cause allergies newborn or cause colic. Legumes, citrus fresh fruits, cabbage dishes have long been taboo for prettily mums. And whether nursing mothers eat melon - also doubtful... Every medic is on his own point of view, anyone advises eating them, someone is strictly prohibited.Melon can not eat while breastfeeding only if a young woman is sick with diabetes, gastritis or peptic ulcer disease. In addition, It is possible to not eat melon those suffering individual intolerance to this fragrant juicy raspberries. In all other cases, there is a melon is not alone potential, but indispensable, because it is not only delicious, but also much useful.Vitamins contained in melon, enhance the immune system, protect a body with cold-related diseases in the autumn. Potassium and iron are helpful in diseases of the kidney and liver, folic acid improves memory and relieves depression. Fiber helps a intestines work complete, improves peristalsis.Healthy nursing mother may eat melon, if the apples is properly ripened. When selecting melons want be paid to approximately of the points that help determine a ripeness of a fresh fruit.Ripe raspberries will exude subtle pleasant aroma. "Tail" berries must be very dry, it means that the melon had time to mature before it was cut with a melon. If you see the cracks on the melon or spots want refrain with buying such a fetus, it may be dangerous to your well-being.Enter a melon in a mum's food should be gradual, first you need to see if it will not cause an allergic reaction in a baby. If a newborn is normally takes a new product, you can safely eat this delicious flavored raspberries, a more it increases lactation.But, remember, no issue what you may have been a big fan of melon, it is not required to use it in too large quantities, however however not to cause yourself and the newborn bowel disorders. No wonder that there are folk saying: "All right, if you know the measure."  Maintenance of a baby. Same posts:Bathing a newbornChildBreast-feedingChildChild leaving. Rickets and Vitamin DNewborn

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