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Newborn care. Breastfeeding

BabyIn a ranking of a most valuable products, by nature, your milk comes first. But most importantly, it is ideal for delicate child's digestive system.Give up the scheduleLet's put a child bust on require. Do not be worried size that at 1-st too frequently asks for a newborn is. Gradually the some man himself will cultivate diet. Each feeding, start with a natural that is "resting" in the last time.Do not decant after feedingNatural milk is produced in exactly the like numbers how what you need newborn. Decanting, you misinform the body, and the natural milk becomes more than a kid can eat.Eat rightNutritionists consult moms to prepare a carte of safe products and to develop the diet gradually. Avoid fatty and spicy foods, raw vegetables and fruits. A 1st 3 months exclude from a dietary cabbage, beans, peas, onions - you cause the baby colic.Remember: citrus fruits, cherry, tomatoes, honey, pork - strong allergens. Discard them in a name of a child's health.Strong tea, coffee, alcohol, soft drinks, canned crab and meat is not for you. Change them with vegetable ragout, roasted meat and good juices.Put upkeep of freshKeep a nipples do not appear cracks. Insure against them by right applying the child to a fresh. Do not bath it more than once a day. Later feeding grease nipples drops his milk.Examine the chest every day and check to see if it seals. They can be a sign of incipient mastitis. If you find something like that, do applique with grated potatoes, natural honey and yogurt. When feeding, massotherapy a problem areas.  Child. Alike Child.articles:Newborn 4 monthsNewbornChild care. MastitisBabyMoms. Teething in babiesNewborn

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