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Leaving of a child. Vitamins for children with 1 year to 2 years

NewbornThe body wants vitamin babies minerals more than adults, because babies need to grow. For example, for adults, a skeleton of which has yet been formed, a rate required to carry out the work of vitamins D is four minutes lower than for a kids, a body of which has already to cope with this task. Only in a 10-11 years of the wants of kids in vitamin almost cease to differ with adults, and until that time, you will need support.A human body is not able to generate much-needed for it to work vitamin and trace items and should get them with outside. Besides, he may not garner them. The only exceptions are a fat-soluble vitamin A, D, E and B12, but these reserves is enough for 2-6 weeks, and vitamins B12 at all "stored" 4-10 days. What happens if a newborn will not possess enough vitamins? Will hypovitaminosis, which can slow a progression of a small man, and cause it to be stunted. Limited facilities, which will prescribe a doctor may require to breastfed child only if he is sick. What is done to prevent this?Vitamins for babies from 0 to 1 yearIf a child is fed warm milk, it is provided with all indispensable and especial vitamin supplements do not need him and his mom. With 4-6 weeks in the schedule for of a child there are new sources of nutrients - juices, mashed potatoes, porridge. If you're ready to nourish the baby child fresh food, do not worry: all items intended for infants are enriched with vitamins required in an age-appropriate dose.A same could be said around babies who are fed simulated mixtures. All required for the progress and growth of agents are prepared from the mixture and a new item (preferably "canned"). A alone vitamins that is sure to give all children - vitamin D. He was appointed to protect the newborn with rickets. Because a vitamins do not accumulate in the aging body, multivitamin complexes may be given to children for months and occasionally year-round.Vitamins for kids with 1 year to 2 years and 3Since that time, a schedule for becomes a small less meal rich in vitamin, strive not to give up at once from all kinds of child foods that are specifically enrich beneficial elements.Vitamins for babies 3 to 4 yearsSince then, a diet of the newborn becomes more and more same the parent day menu. But "adult" products can not guarantee the newborn the rightly quantity of vitamins. Moreover, in this age, infants get to "lead an effectual social life" (go to kindergarten, to clubs, to theater, to visit), perfect communicate and, unfortunately, ofttimes have sick. It was at this time a child may require a good vitamin and mineral complex, particularly if a child is weakened or just recovered from an illness.  Moms. Resembling Moms.articles:Vitamins for kidsNewbornMums. Increase lactationChildNewborn service. Vitamins for childrenNewborn

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