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How to opt a home regular sports complex

ChildSelection of children's home sports facilities now is vast: metal and wood, attached to a wall or vraspor.Wooden babies's sports facilities more aesthetically pleasing in the nursery, but, unluckily, are less reliable. The complex may be purchased for one newborn, but for a big or a very hospitable family, he will not work - because ofttimes the maximum allowable weightiness of the wooden structures only 60-75 kg. Moreover you are usually attached to the wall, and not between a wood floor and ceiling.Metal children's regular sports equipment, too, are varied. It is correct to pick a non-slip coating steps on a ladder: it is, in contrast to a paint will not scratch the legs and obluplyatsya magnetically gymnasts. If there is space, it is correct to just buy a set up for a whole family to bear the gravity of 100-150 kg.Later all, father, and my mom is also highly beneficial to hang on a bar, and a baby will be much happy of a opportunity to compete with their parents. How many office workers to contour up 10 times? And the children - like! For children is more important to be able to be a 1-st, but do not "play a giveaway" good practice together!If a area in the room a bit, limit a installation of the wall bars with a cross on top of a stairs. As, in such little children's play and sports plant "little." Ofttimes you are as well set up, so there is no scope for swinging on a rings and horizontal bar at all is approachable only dad.When buying a regular sports complex To wishlist for completeness. It may good be that half of a sample submitted for shells offers to buy separately. This has both pros: It is possible to, for example, refuse to see-saw, if there is a ring.For a "family stadium" is desirable to get a wall bars with a width of 60-65 centimeter distance 'tween a steps of 15-20 centimeters and a thickness of no more than stage 3 cm, otherwise a child will be heavily to grasp it handles. Not bad, even if it is a horizontal ladder, at least in some stages (similar rukohodom) for older kids.Rope ladder - also a very goodness round, develops alignment and vestibular apparatus. Fine if children will rope with knots tied in it, how it was convenient for him to climb even a much nice. A standard set up is normally a trapezoid (a crossbar on a ropes), where you can catch up and rock out.Separately, you can buy a punching bag, a board for a press, so right however a basketball hoop. No matter what combination you choose, under it you will require a mat or mattress, but better - a any. It is possible to put a old spring mattress, so do not need a trampoline, a dream which affects nearly all kids. There will be a legal place to jump, thus you will save a beds surge of attractive horses. "Our beds can not jump, and under a sports complex may be!"  Baby care. Alike posts:Newborn upkeep. May a nursing mom tomatoesChildAttention of a newborn. Night-feedingNewbornMoms. Massage for infantsChild

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